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5 ways onsite training benefits your staff and your budget

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We’re often asked whether we can visit customers’ sites to carry out operator training, and the answer is a resounding, “yes!” And for very good reason…

All courses that we offer, from forklift training to cranes to access equipment, can be delivered on your site, for your convenience and to maximise relevance for your staff.

Here’s how onsite training can work for you:

1.The training is more relevant
When delivered onsite, courses can be tailored to site-specific tasks and applications. Relevance is key to effective training; during the course, it makes learning more engaging and afterwards, it’s easy to apply on the delegate’s return to work
2.Operators become more comfortable and competent quicker
By already working on-site, delegates will understand site-specific safety procedures, hazards and restrictions. Operating within these surroundings should help put them at ease
3.The training covers their equipment in their working environment
Delegates will learn the full operating requirements and limitations of their own machine and be able to practice operating within their everyday environment, highlighting any unique challenges they will face during operation
4.It saves time before, during and after training
When we come to you, housekeeping is kept to a minimum, and following training there is no need for a machine-specific familiarisation, as delegates will have used the company’s own equipment throughout
5.It saves money
You aren’t being asked to cover the overheads of operating a training centre or any additional expenses for delegates, and employees aren’t taken away from work for any longer than is necessary, so any effect on productivity is minimised

While there are some real gains to be made, we understand that this approach isn’t for everyone. When onsite training is not practical, customers can visit one of our conveniently located UK training centres for a range of fork lift, access equipment and safety management open courses.

If you’re unsure which is best for you, give us a call on 01246 555222 or contact us here and we’ll discuss your options.

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