Mentor Training provides nationwide operator and instructor training

Forklift Truck Training

Medium and High Level Order Pickers

Ensure that operators understand how to work safely and efficiently when order picking at medium and high levels.

AITT accredited training is available for all experience levels at customers’ sites nationwide.

  • Order Pickers – E1 Medium Level above 300mm and up to and including 3000mm and E2 High Level above 3000mm

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Order picker truck training

Got the Right Truck?

Key Features

Order picking trucks designed to work in very narrow aisle locations, that lift the operator to the desired height to deposit or collect various loads.

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Course Lengths


Duration: 3 Days
Delegates: 3 Maximum


Duration: 1 Day
Delegates: 3 Maximum


Duration: 1 Day
Delegates: 3 Maximum


Duration: 1 or 2 Days
Delegates: 3 Maximum

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