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Multi-Directional Trucks

Multi-directional trucks offer a one truck solution for handling longer loads across a variety of environments. They are versatile, with the facility to travel in any direction without turning the truck, including diagonally. This means, for example, that they can operate in narrower aisles where reach trucks are unable to turn to exit the aisle once they have retrieved a load.

Mentor provide accredited operator training on the safe and efficient use of multi-directional trucks and are the preferred provider for Combilift training.

  • Multi-Directional Trucks – M1 Rider Electric and ICE Multi-Directional Counterbalance, M2 Rider Electric and ICE Multi-Directional Sideloader and M3 Rider Electric and ICE Multi-Directional Reach

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Combilift truck training

Got the Right Truck?

Key Features

Specialised trucks that use a traditional truck design, but are enabled to manoeuvre in multiple directions due to 360 degree steering of all the wheels.

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