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Sideloaders are designed to handle long loads over significant travel distances, leading them to become widely used throughout the timber and steel industries.

Sideloader training provides delegates the skills and knowledge required to make full use of the machine’s key features: optimum space utilisation and improved load stability when travelling.

  • Sideloaders – C1 Rider Electric and I.C.E Sideloader Lift Trucks up to and including 5000kgs, C2 Rider Electric and I.C.E Sideloader, Sideloader Lift Trucks up to and including 15000kgs and C3 Rider Electric and I.C.E Sideloader Lift Trucks over 15000kgs

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Sideloader truck training

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Key Features

Sideloader trucks are designed for carrying long loads (such as timber) on the side of the machine. They have a large load bed to provide a secure deck for load transportation and are typically operated outdoors.

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Duration: 5 Days
Delegates: 3 Maximum


Duration: 3 Days
Delegates: 3 Maximum


Duration: 1 Day
Delegates: 3 Maximum


Duration: 1 or 2 Days
Delegates: 3 Maximum

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