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New online forklift awareness course for operators and pedestrians alike

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We’re all are set to launch a brand-new online Forklift Awareness course, designed to target behaviour and promote safe practice when working on or around lift trucks.

Providing vital, accessible training, the e-learning course is designed to ensure that all staff, not just operators, understand how to work safely around forklift trucks. Statistically, it is pedestrians working in the vicinity of these trucks who are the most likely to be hurt should an accident occur, yet they often don’t receive the type of forklift-specific training that will help them understand the risks. This course emphasises that everyone has a role to play in site safety – all parties must understand the importance of keeping a safe distance and the potential consequences if they don’t.

We’ve drawn on a multitude of interactive learning tools to ensure the course provokes impact and keeps learners engaged throughout. The course uses real-life CCTV footage, dramatisation and accident statistics, alongside multi-choice quizzes to confirm knowledge at the end of every module. Forklift accidents cause hundreds of serious injuries and multiple fatalities every year, so we were keen to develop a hard-hitting course, designed to affect real behavioural change.

The course acts as a reminder to existing staff about why it is important to stay alert and not let complacency creep in over time. It is also ideal as an onboarding tool for new starters, as it will ensure that anyone planning to work with or near lift trucks understands the risks and how to keep themselves and others safe, from day one.

Multiple learning formats for your convenience

Also available as a classroom-based course or via video conferencing, the addition of a fully online alternative follows in the footsteps of our popular Managing Forklift Operations course, which added a popular e-learning version recently.

Much like the managers course, the new online Forklift Awareness training can be completed in a matter of hours, at the learner’s own pace, from anywhere they choose.

With these remote learning options, staff get all the benefits of a face-to-face course, at their convenience. We hope to help businesses increase accessibility to important awareness training by reducing potential disruption to work schedules and making the process more cost and time efficient.

To find out more, please contact us here or call 01246 956706.

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