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Mentor launches new course to combat complex load security challenges

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We have launched a new, unique course on load security and lashing, designed to reduce risk in the builders merchant industry.

Often faced with the challenges of loading mixed, complex items of different sizes, weights and materials for multi-drop deliveries, it’s vital that those preparing loads for transit understand how to do so safely. Insecure loads can soon lead to serious accidents and costly damage. Not only does this put the drivers themselves at risk, but those around them, whether on site or when in transit.

Due to the continuing challenges surrounding load security, the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently updated the code of practice, Securing Loads on HGVs and Goods Vehicles. This was developed to help those involved in vehicle loading to further understand their responsibilities and ensure safety when transporting different loads.

In response to the ongoing situation, we have created a new one-day training course to provide those responsible the skills and knowledge to secure mixed or complex loads safely and correctly. The course, titled ‘Load Security and Lashing for Builders Merchants’, is approved by the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF), and aligns with the DVSA code of practice and all relevant legislation to help businesses stay safe and compliant.

Our Commercial Director, Adam Smith, outlines the course’s key aims, “Our latest course is specifically designed to combat load security concerns within the builders merchant industry. It helps drivers, vehicle loaders and managers responsible for load security to reduce the risk of lost loads and ensure that all related equipment is correct, serviceable, and regularly checked.

“Crucially, this training will help businesses ensure the safe transportation of loads, as problems occurring on the public highway can have incredibly serious consequences. Not only do they risk the safety of the driver and those nearby, due to their location, accidents occurring on the road can lead to criminal prosecutions and substantial fines for road closures and clean up. Plus, there’s the associated disruption and reputational damage for your business to consider.

“As a driver, you should keep in mind that if you fail to secure a load properly, you are putting yourself, those around you and your company at risk. That’s why it’s vital that anyone involved in this process is equipped with the relevant securing techniques and understands the importance of ensuring they are followed, every time.”

If you require any further information about our BMF approved Load Security & Lashing for Builders Merchants course, you can contact us here or call 01246 555222.

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