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Give your operations the green light with a site safety audit

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We’ve developed a new site safety audit which shows, at a glance, whether your forklift operations are working as safely, legally and profitably as possible.

Using a simple traffic light system, the Site Safety Audit and Risk Analysis helps your organisation identify where they are meeting regulatory standards and where there are opportunities for improvement. It clearly indicates areas where you:

  • Are meeting standards (green)
  • May be able to improve safety and profitability (amber)
  • Are at high risk of an accident, fines and more (red)


In a single day, our experienced assessors use the traffic light system to measure site safety against criteria drawn from regulations, HSE guidance and best practice. And you can be as specific or wide-ranging as you wish with regards to which areas are covered.

Companies can be audited, and provided same-day results, on one or more of five key areas affecting forklift operations:

  • Safe Systems of Work / Policies
  • Equipment
  • Area of Operation
  • Operational Management
  • Operational Practices


For a holistic approach, we would recommend examining all five areas. However, if you prefer to target particular areas of concern, then we can audit any combination of your choosing.

Available throughout the UK, site audits are carried out by Mentor’s highly qualified team of assessors. Each has been selected for their in-depth understanding of best practice and risks, as well as their significant experience observing forklift operations across a wide range of settings.

To arrange an audit of your operations for safety, compliance and profitability, contact us here or call 01246 555222 today.

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