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When taking on new operators, a vital part of the onboarding process is to check their existing credentials, i.e. their forklift certification. Certificates of training will confirm the type and standard of training completed, and not all are created equal, so understanding how to check their legitimacy is incredibly important.

The best way to assure quality training has been received is to look for accredited certification. However, if unaccredited training has been completed, you can contact the company that provided the training for more information.


In the UK, the Accrediting Bodies Association (ABA) for Workplace Transport is made up of five members: AITT, RTITB, NPORS, ITSSAR and Lantra. Training accredited by one of these bodies will provide peace of mind that it meets common industry testing standards agreed by the ABA, who work in consultation with the HSE.

Once you have established whether your new starter has previously received accredited training, you can liaise with the relevant body to confirm the legitimacy of the certificate, using its unique registration number. Each accrediting body offers a similar service, as follows:

For AITT courses

To check a certificate, the best option is to utilise the AITT Certification of Operator Registration Number Scheme (ACORNS) online tool.

On the certificate itself, look for the ACORNS logo and a unique six-digit number supplied by AITT. Now, with this information, head over to the ACORNS verification checker and submit the registration number into the search bar.

If the record cannot be found in the database, which contains all AITT courses since 2014, then no such accredited certificate exists. You can also check the legitimacy of an AITT certificate by getting in contact with AITT and providing the ACORNS number and candidate name.

For RTITB courses

All cards and certificates issued by RTITB from August 2018 onwards have a QR code. This code can be scanned by a mobile phone camera, and will take you to the registration database.

Alternatively, you are able to verify RTITB certification by visiting their website and entering the 9-digit NORS registration number, found on the certificate. If the number on the certificate is less than nine digits long, you can contact the RTITB standards team instead for more details on 01952 520215.

For NPORS courses

NPORS issues cards as standard, with certification being an optional extra. However, the process of checking either a card or certificate is similar to that of other accrediting bodies.

You will need to visit the NPORS online service and select the relevant tab, for either operator cards or instructor cards. You’ll then have to provide the NPORS registration number, the operator’s/instructor’s surname, date of birth, and NI number. You can then search the online database for validation of the certification.

For Lantra courses

Lantra also have an online checking system available, which provides a quick and easy method of confirming the validity of all CSC/FISS cards and certificates.

To carry out any checks, visit the online tool and select the option most relevant to your search. You can select between FISS & TTM Card Checker, Learner Checker and Certificate Checker.

After selecting the relevant option, you will need to input details including name, date of birth and the date the certificate was achieved, to complete your search.

For ITSSAR courses

When checking for someone that has completed an ITSSAR course, you will need to utilise the Trained Operator Passport Scheme (TOPS).

To do this, access the TOPS page and fill out the ‘Validate Operator Training’ form. Here, you will be required to enter the TOPS ID number for any training taken since January 2015. If you wish to check details of training taken before this date, you can raise a query by calling ITSSAR on 01344 426230.

Before granting access to MHE

Don’t forget, once a forklift certificate has been verified, there are still steps to take to ensure a new starter is safe to operate your MHE before granting them access, including confirming their current skill levels, providing any additional training and issuing authorisation to operate. For more guidance on this, download a free copy of Approved Code of Practice, L117.

For further information on forklift certification, please call us on 01246 555222, or click here to contact us.

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