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ABA update forklift testing standards

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The Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport has revised testing standards for several categories of forklift trucks, due to become mandatory from 1st April 2021.

Medium and high level order pickers – E1/2

Standards for medium and high level order pickers have been updated, incorporating feedback from industry to ensure the test meets the needs of the modern working environment.

The revised standards now more closely mirror the format of the latest counterbalance, reach and pallet truck documents, including several mandatory ‘safety-critical’ elements which must be successfully completed.

Click here for further details and the new E1/2 standards in full.


Counterbalance and reach trucks – B1/4 & D1/2/3

The counterbalance and reach standards have received several adjustments to improve safety and clarity, and the updated document now also includes stand-on reach trucks (D3) and stand-on counterbalance trucks (B4).

Click here for further details and the new B1/4 & D1/2/3 standards in full.

For all categories, any changes not already adopted by Mentor will be implemented in the coming weeks, so customers can rest assured that mandatory standards will be in place well in advance of the deadline.

For any instructors wishing to purchase updated test sheets, revised versions are now in stock and available via our online shop.

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